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Serving Navarro, Ellis, Hill, Anderson and Freestone Counties.

 We will travel any where in the state of Texas.

DarkHour is a group of talented professional likeminded individuals that have set out to research and learn about the paranormal together to assist our community. Our sole purpose is to use scientific tools & data to prove or disprove paranormal phenomena in a professional manner. We rely heavily on facts, historical data, and evidence to draw our conclusions. Geographical elements are also researched around the alleged area of activity. Please if you think you are having paranormal activity, and/or feel you may have caught something as paranormal evidence, don't hesitate to give us a call or write us a message. D.P.S. respects and appreciates all of our clients inquiries. We will do everything in our power to get to the bottom of your concerns, frustrations, fears, and questions. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to question strange behavior or activity in your home and/or business. DarkHour Paranormal Society is here to help in any way we can.

DarkHour will evaluate in depth the claims of our clients. We analyze every bit of documented data we receive in real time. In most cases that means 40 plus hours of video and audio to review. Thank you for considering DarkHour in this most sensitive situation.



We believe that there are things out there that are unexplanable with no scientific explanaion but we also believe that sometimes there is a scientific explanation.  In other words we don't believe that all places we investigate are haunted and look for proof of haunting. Nor do we have the systematic view that our job is to disprove a haunting.

We objectively look at all evidence with an open mind. We don’t initiate any paranormal investigation with a preconceived plan to prove or disprove; we review evidence from a neutral perspective.


When you contact us:


1. Our case manager will conduct a phone interview to discuss your claims and help you determine the best action for your case.

2. D.P.S. will setup a time to investigate your property.

3. D.P.S. will setup a meeting to go over the findings of our investigation as well as discuss any and all possible solutions.


DarkHour Paranormal Society will always respect your privacy.

Evidence presented may be shared with other members of DarkHour and/or the paranormal community, but your personal information will remain confidential.

DarkHour Paranormal Society take great pride and care in keeping your private property, business name, and/or personal name completely secure.


Contact Us

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                                   Jeff C.   903.602.0523 - Founder


                                     We Are The Elite In This Field

We know these times are sometimes hard to handle. They can be scary, bothersome, and embarassing. You are not alone. We are available 24 hours day or night.

There is no charge for our investigative services.

We operate from team member contribution.

Please feel free to send any inquiries, stories, or photos that you would like to share. We will answer any question you have.



We don’t ask for any monetary payment of any kind for our travel, equipment, or time on any investigation. You don't have to request our services but we advise you to beware of paranormal teams that ask for any type of monetary payment or donation. There are scams in this field and we would hate for you to fall victim to that practice.