DarkHour Paranormal Society

Day or Night, we are here to help YOU in your darkest hour!

Members Of DarkHour Paranormal Society

   Our Motto

We have gadgets that beep and light

We use IR lights to help us film at night

We hope for shadows and EVPs

And we can never have enough batteries 

We don't do it for money or to be on tv

We do it to find the answer to lifes greatest mystery 


    This is the complete list of all full time members

Jeff C.  Founder

Brandy C.  Co Founder

Devon L.  Lead Investigator / Spirit Box Specialist

Daniel L.  Lead Investigator / Spirit Box Specialist

Steph M.  Investigator / Photographer

Brittany M.  Investigator

Dottie M.  Investigator / Photogragher 

Travis M.  Special Investigator


   We do have part time members and some special guests