DarkHour Paranormal Society

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Different types of Equipment

DarkHour Paranormal may or may not use all of the equipment listed on your specific investigation.


An EMF meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields. Most meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC fields) or the change in an electromagnetic field over time (AC fields), essentially the same as a radio antenna, but with quite different detection characteristics

Ghost Box

 The ghost box can be used for EVP, as it can be recorded, then analyzed for messages from spirits and ghosts.  However, what makes the ghost box unique is that it can be heard audibly through either an external speaker or headset, where responses from the other side can be heard and responded to live – not unlike chatting with someone by walkie-talkie.  It does require the user to train his or her ear to hear the messages that are brought forth, as the noise and audio bits can at times be somewhat distracting.  But if one experiments long enough with a ghost box, it will become apparent that the audio sound bites and white noise will begin to be manipulated to form answers to questions, phrases and more.  For this reason alone, we recommend recording all sessions and listening to them later.  Upon playback, one might be amazed at what is captured in the audio.


Digital recorders are often used to capture EVPS. We have used the recorders with great success capturing many EVPS.


Very simple to explain. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. You are asking for trouble when you dabble with a ouija board. One could open a doorway that one can not close allowing in harmful spirits and/or demons.


Video cameras are a much needed piece of equipment for an investigation. Preferably one with night vision is a much better choice because most investigations are done at night and sometimes in complete darkness

Motion Detectors

DarkHour does use motion detectors during all investigations,

Laser Grid

We do use one green laser grid during all investigations with great success.